22/08/2014 Modulyss New product: 33 - New Shapes
New Shapes opens a new dimension in creativity!

The above 3 products in 25x100cm format together form the New Shapes standard collection and are available from stock.
Alongside this standard collection, these and almost all our other products can be obtained in 25x100cm, 50x100cm and 100x100cm formats on request, in a minimum quantity of 250m².
Here you can download the Brochure in PDF

17/07/2014 Modulyss New product: 10 - First Radiant
First Radiant demonstrates a new direction in the use of colour! This low loop pile carpet tile collection is available in 7 variations and looks great independently or combined with the Xtra Step collection.
Stylish, innovative but also of high quality! First Radiant meets the stringent requirements of today's offices and is therefore particularly suitable for intensive use. You can download the data sheet, see the colors and photos of installations here.

13/01/2014 Modulyss New product: 03 - C-Line
C-Line. Sophisticated, exclusive but above all impressive. Stately straight lines, a crowd of people share stories. One destination, endless possibilities. The new C-Line screams the sky is the limit!
Create your own story with this linear tip sheared carpet tile available in 12 sumptuous colours ranging from pearl beige, silver grey to royal red, imperial green. Mix&match the C Line carpet tiles with the Cambridge collection for a luxurious floor in your hotel or office space.
For more info click here

04/12/2013 Modulyss New product: 32 - First Blocks
First Blocks is a modern loop pile carpet tile with a stylish geometric design consisting of blocks in subtle shades. Because of its random pattern, this contemporary carpet tile collection offers infinite creative design opportunities alone or in combination with the base colors of the First collection.
First Blocks is available in six neutral colors: grey, blue, beige and brown and meets the stringent requirements of today's offices. you can download the data seet and see the colors here

29/11/2013 New Collection SPOTLIGHT: BOUCLÉ BRIGHTS - Chilewich Contract
° "Over the years people have asked me if we will ever offer "real" colors. I admit I am pretty neutral, but aren’t grey and brown colors too? Of course what people were really asking for was bright colors… Guess I just wasn’t ready until now, but here they are!" - Sandy Chilewich, Creative Director
° Bouclé features a very rich texture that provides visual interest, without exhibiting too dominating a pattern. The original concept for the design was the desire to interpret the luxury of fine knitwear into a woven textile that was durable, modern and easy to clean.
° Five new bright colors have just been added to the Chilewich Contract Collection of weaves for floor tiles, wall to wall flooring, custom floormats and wall textiles in pink, citron, mélange, orange and turquoise.
° These new designs are now available and can be viewed online here.

22/10/2013 Modulyss New product ­ nº 22 Gradient
Gradient is a loop pile carpet tile with a variable, dynamic linear pattern. This carpet tile collection is available in 12 colours, ranging from subtle grey, beige and blue to sparkling yellow, red and green. Installed in various ways such as one way, random, draught board, ... Gradient gives a trendy look to each floor.
Gradient does not only bestow a luxurious aura but shows impressive durability and meets the stringent requirements of today's offices. Spice up your floor and add a glossy accent by combining Gradient with the shiny colours of the Metallic carpet tile collection.

For more info and data sheet click here.

14/10/2013 Sustainable new backing from ege
The environment has been on ege's agenda for many years, and the carpet manufacturer is now launching a completely new and sustainable backing for its carpet tiles. The Ecotrust backing is produced from 100% recycled materials, including recycled water bottles.
For more info click here.

10/10/2013 Award Winning Chilewich Plynyl® Tiles with BioFelt® + TerraStrand™
- The latest issue of BUILDINGS Magazine features the official announcement of the 2013 Product Innovations Award.
- Chilewich Plynyl® Tile with BioFelt® + TerraStrand™ was awarded the Grand Prize in the Flooring Solutions category.
- The design was adjudicated during the NeoCon Show in Chicago and chosen from 48 entries by the BUILDINGS editorial staff.
- Grand Prize (1st) and Merit Award (2nd) were awarded based on the innovative qualities the product offers to support the efficiency and sustainability of commercial buildings.
- For more information about Plynyl® Tile with BioFelt® + TerraStrand™ click here

10/10/2013 Modulyss: New & Old products..
The product Minimum 100 has left the collection of Modulyss to give space to new innovative prodcuts like First Waves/First Stripes and other new products which will be present in the near future.

08/10/2013 New catalog of Chilewich Contract 2013-2014
Chilewich Contract has lunched the new catalog 2013-2014. New products, new colors.
You can download it here

04/10/2013 Chilewich - TerraStrand™
A significant new green development for the 2013 Collection is the substitution of petroleum-based plasticizers in Chilewich yarns for phthalate-free, renewable vegetable compounds instead. These compounds are an exclusive product developed for Phifer Incorporated, Chilewich’s longtime supplier of fabric. Plasticizers have traditionally been made from petroleum-based compounds and are used to make PVC yarns, soft. This new development means that:
■ TerraStrand™ fabrics will be phthalate-free
■ TerraStrand™ fabrics will be more sustainable, while maintaining the durability and cleanability of regular vinyl compounds
■ TerraStrand™ fabrics will contain over 20% renewable vegetable content
■ TerraStrand™ fabrics will have a lower carbon footprint than traditional vinyls
■ TerraStrand™ fabrics have lower greenhouse gas emissions than traditional vinyl fabrics
■ TerraStrand™ fabrics can earn LEED points for renewable content
Joe Sultan, CEO of Chilewich, says, “TerraStrand™ is another strong step we’ve taken to make our products more sustainable. This innovation builds upon the success of BioFelt™ to make an already green product even greener.”

03/10/2013 Modulyss® iPad App
Modulyss® is proud to present its all-new iPad App, which lets users find the perfect carpet tile quickly and easily.
The modulyss® iPad App brings up our entire collection and provides many useful tools that allows you to carefully search and select the decorative design that will work wonders for your next project. There are more than 30 stylish products to browse and choose from, covering a wide range of trendy colors, structures and patterns.
Navigation is simple and intuitive. Thanks to a clever system of filters, our impressive selection of carpet tiles can be shuffled and sorted to taste. You can filter by color, name and product group and toggle between collections to get a fix on the floor that best suits their purpose.
The modulyss® iPad App is available for free download in the App Store now!

02/10/2013 Modulyss about the new Millennium now 100
Millennium has been the prominent product of our collection for many years already. Moreover, this carpet tile collection is now made from 100 % recycled nylon yarn (ECONYL®) making Millennium, Millennium100.
more info on modulyss Web Site

01/10/2013 Decor Excel:
Welcome to the new web site of Decor Excel Espala S.L