Chilewich Contract

Over fifteen years ago, New York designer Sandy Chilewich introduced her first woven textiles into the international design community. Together with Joe Sultan, her husband and partner, Chilewich designs and produces a growing collection of textiles suitable for covering the tables, floors, walls, as well as the windows and furniture in residences, hotels and corporate settings. The firm�s ongoing innovations in material development provide functional design solutions that are both modern and easy to maintain. All Chilewich Contract products are made in the USA

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Chilewich Contract 2017-2018 flooring catalogue

Chilewich Contract 2017-2018 Wall covering and Upholstery catalogue

Technical Data Sheet and New Colors 2017
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Modulyss Carpet Tiles

Modulyss� designs and produces modular carpet tiles for the European contract market and wants to be distinguished by the highest possible QUALITY. Modulyss�� range wants to give attention to innovative developments as well as more traditional solutions. Modulyss� only wants to use quality raw materials which guarantee the particular durability and ecological character of the products. Modulyss� wants to profile itself with its client-oriented service, which translates itself in fast deliveries and flexible solutions. As a young and dynamic company, modulyss� wants to take on its ecological and social responsibility with wholehearted conviction.

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Ege Carpets

Carpetsege is one of Europe's leading companies when it comes to the design, development and production of unique, high-quality carpets with respect for the environment. The company, which was founded in 1938, has moved with the times and possesses the carpet industry's most modern technology. ege can supply carpets with any imaginable design and in the industry's shortest lead time. We believe the environment is a serious matter. We work hard to minimise the environmental impact caused by the production of our carpets. Ege�s declared CSR objective is to contribute to a more sustainable world by continually striving to improve how we handle environmental, social and financial challenges, for the benefit of future generations.
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Estillon Underlay

Estillon was founded almost 50 years ago and is a supplier of a complete and wide range of underlay and floor covering installation products. With strong brands such as Egalsoft�, Bestbase�, Floor-US� and Roberts�, Estillon has developed a tendency to take a leading market position within mainland Europe.

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Virag Evolution

PVC flooring with LVT designs imitating wood and stones, with multiple and different installation systems (autoportante, glued down, click, self-adhesive, ...) and you can decorate with stylish looks all kinds of areas such as: offices, hotels, local shopping, restaurants, gyms, hospitals, cruise ships, etc...
Virag Evolution - Digital Catalogue
Evolution Tack Dry - Digital Catalogue

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An Italian manufacturer of decorative wall coverings, textiles and vinyl, ideal for use in public spaces for their easy maintenance and installation.

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Carpet Concept

A leading company in the German carpet market, with very minimalist designs manufactured by the Wilton system, one of the best machines on the market which permits high-quality designs.
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