Modulyss - Company

1965 - °NV Goossens - Installation of the 1st tuft machine in Belgium - Tufted bath mats
1968 - Tufted fitted carpet
1973 - Goossens NV moves to the industrial estate in Zele.
1983 - Van der Eecken acquires Goossens NV and names it Cabrita Carpets.
1985 - Louis De Poortere takes over Cabrita Carpets. The company makes car and grass carpets. Originally located in Moeskroen, grass carpet production is relocated to Zele.
1987 - Louis De Poortere launches contract carpet tiles. Production is carried out in Germany (contract work).
1989 - Initial production of carpet tiles in Zele
1993 - Cabrita Carpets goes bankrupt and is acquired by Ostend Stores.
1995 - Ostend Stores passes Cabrita Carpets on to ECA Assenede.
1999 - ECA Assenede sells Cabrita Carpets to the Domo Group which renames it Domo Zele. Domo Zele produces car and grass carpets but also (contract) carpet tiles. A residential collection is also launched.
2000 - Domo Zele transfers the car carpet production to its sister company Besmer (Germany).
2004 - Domo Zele becomes Domo Contract Flooring
2005 - Domo Contract Flooring moves the grass carpet production to Domo Sint-Niklaas.
2010 - On 29 March Domo Contract Flooring changes to modulyss®. The focus is henceforth on the creation and production of carpet tiles for the contract market.
In November, the Domo Group sells its floor covering activities (including modulyss®) and Belgian yarn and fibre activities to the Balta Group.
The Balta Group has in the last fifty years grown into one of the leading floor covering manufacturers in Europe and now has 50 branches.

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