Ege Carpets

A vision that creates history
The story of ege is the story of a very special man and his vision. Mads Eg Damgaard. In 1938 he founded the company, which today is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of carpets.

Spearheading technology in the carpet world
Mads Eg Damgaard was a visionary. He had an uncompromising philosophy: always to use the latest and most advanced technology in carpet production. We still believe that quality and the ability to deliver ground-breaking design is the only way forward for ege.

Groundbreaking philosophy is ege's cornerstone
In Mads Eg Damgaard's constant efforts to meet market needs, he was never afraid to challenge conventions. He constantly searched for new, innovative ways of doing things. A business philosophy that is still and always will be a central part of ege - precisely as our visionary founder would have wished.

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